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Spritz up your Summer!
Název akce:
Spritz up your Summer!
Datum konání:
sobota 2. září 2017 , 11:30 h - pátek 15. září 2017, 02:00 h
Místo konání:
Hard Rock Cafe Praha - Praha, Hlavní město Praha


...Bringing you a selection of refreshing cocktails inspired by long summer nights and classic rock 'n' roll...

Keep cool all summer long with one of our easy summer drinks! These Limited Time Offer cocktails will make your summer!

All the familiar Whiskey taste of Jack Daniel’s, combined with orange and lemon. A great way to drink your favourite Tennessee Whiskey this summer.

My Gineration
Adding a new orange blossom dimension to a sublime Bombay Sapphire and tonic. Light and refreshing - a perfect summer quencher.

Good Limes, Bad Limes
No better combination exists than Grey Goose Vodka and the floral Elderflower notes of St-Germain. Heightened with a splash of prosecco - summer decadence in a glass.

Chambord Supernova
Fast becoming the quintessential celebratory fizz; this fresh and lively prosecco has an extra dimension with sweet floral elderflower notes from St-Germain and berry hints from Chambord.

And many more.. :)

Start your summer night with us and enjoy one of these lovely drinks on our summer terrace!

Sdílet Spritz up your Summer!

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