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Tony Baltimore & TiNG Free Cross Lawn Party!
Název akce:
Tony Baltimore & TiNG Free Cross Lawn Party!
Datum konání:
čtvrtek 11. srpen 2016 , 20:00 h - 20:00 h
Místo konání:
CROSS][CLUB - officiall - Praha, Hlavní město Praha


Tony Baltimore (usa) & TiNG (int) Cross Lawn Party!
Get ready for some good summer vibes with live music from Tony Baltimore and TiNG. Tony Baltimore has been a mainstay on the Key West island music scene for a number of years now, and will make is Czech debut at cross club. Mixing British rock, America and Caribbean flavor to bring you a unique sound that you won't want to miss. He is on tour promoting the release of his new album, 'Define the Blur," and Cross club will be his official European release.
TiNG is a creative Dancehall Swing outfit based in Prague, comprised of members from USA, Mexico, France, and Czech. They play an interesting blend of various types of music, and have a unique composition style that defines their style, "Praggamuffin."

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